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NEW Moon Phase Jewelry Collection!

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Hello all! I have been busy designing and creating a few new and very unique lunar jewelry pieces that I can’t wait to share with you! They are moody, they are witchy, and they are dark and beautiful. I am excited to announce that I just launched a new raven skull moon phase jewelry collection inspired by my love for not only ravens, but also the cosmos – the stars, the moon, and all the mystical energies that weave their magic through our lives. I am thrilled to be able to share these new jewelry creations with you today and talk about my inspiration in designing each special piece. But first, let’s talk about that Moon magic that is so mysteriously beautiful and what each of the moon phases represent.

The moon’s phases have been significantly important throughout history. Early civilizations used the moon to track time and whole calendar systems have been created based on the phases and location of the moon in the sky. Several Middle Eastern and Asian cultures still celebrate a number of important holidays that align with specific phases of the moon. Today, we very rarely rely on the moon as a time keeping tool. Yet the moon and its phases still have a tremendous influence on us. Many of us feel emotionally and spiritually drawn to the moon’s phases. Fluctuating between an inner sense of calmness and increased productivity, you might even notice yourself experiencing particular emotions during certain phases of the moon. Each phase is said to represent and bring into play a different energy. Sometimes it’s an energy inspiring reflection and sometimes an energy offering us direction and movement forward in our lives. So, let’s dig in and discuss what the various phases of the moon represent and look at the new moon-inspired jewelry pieces to add to your own collection and help you celebrate the beauty of the mystical moon in your own life.

There are eight recognized phases of the moon: 

  • New moon
  • Waxing crescent
  • First quarter
  • Waxing gibbous
  • Full moon
  • Waning gibbous
  • Last quarter
  • Waning crescent

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What do the various phases of the moon represent and how can we use the knowledge and energy of the Moon’s cycle to better connect to ourselves?

phases of the moon chart showing waxing, waning, full moon

The moon sits in alignment between the earth and the sun during a new moon, so it isn’t visible and is sometimes called a dark moon. The new moon is considered “new” since it marks the start of the next lunar cycle. The new moon represents new beginnings, rebirth and potential. Some of us though might feel low energy in this low light phase. It is a perfect time to take stock of where you are and set new goals. Take time to reflect on how you’re feeling and honor any urges to cancel plans and stay home if needed. You could even perform a new moon ritual to relax, recharge and reflect on this unique period. 

In the waxing crescent phase, only a crescent-shaped sliver is visible to us as it slowly appears to grow fuller and bigger. The waxing moon represents personal development and growth and is a good time for decision making, concentrating on your goals and progress. As the moon progresses through this phase, you’re ready to move forward with new light and added energy.

The moon is at a 90 degree angle to the sun and earth during the first quarter phase with the right half of the moon illuminated and the left half in shadow. The combination and balance of light and shadow reflects possible obstacles you may encounter as you work towards your goals. This is a good time to be taking more careful yet deliberate actions. 

The waxing gibbous moon symbolizes the “final steps” as the illuminated side continues to grow toward the full moon. During this phase you will strive to complete your projects, just as the moon “strives” to become full. Tarot cards can be helpful during this time in searching for clues and guidance that you're on the right path. 

The full moon represents illumination, clarity and completion. Due to the great power a full moon holds, you could experience heightened emotions, an increase in energy and a profound sense of increased creativity. Grab ahold of this heightened energy and creativity and make good use of it on important projects and activities. Be sure to pay attention to little things happening around you because the universe might be trying to tell you something important. 

Waning means that the moon is shrinking and getting smaller. The waning gibbous phase is between a half moon and full moon. This phase is when you want to take time to think about how you feel and focus on yourself, think about where you want to go from here, and take a close look at yourself as a person.

After the peak energy of the full moon, the moon continues to loose light and is waning in energy. In the third quarter, the moon is at a 90 degree angle to the sun and earth once again, with the left half of the moon illuminated and the right half in shadow. With the moon losing energy and light, the tension that results can help you find significance and deeper meaning in your life.

When the moon is in the waning crescent phase, it appears to fade gradually from the sky. Slowing down during this lunar phase is important. Rest and reflection are helpful in preparing for the next moon cycle. The waning crescent moon symbolizes letting go, release, retreat, and surrender. Relax and let go of your need to control everything in your life, and trust that all will be good.

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Similar to how each moon phase is said to bring a different energy and mood, the new Raven Ranch Studio raven skull moon phase jewelry collection pieces have each been designed with beautiful and awe-inspiring features of the cosmos represented, creating unique accessories capturing the mysterious beauty and vibrancy the moon brings into our lives. Each one of the pieces featured below have been single-artist created with meticulous detail and passion. I hope you enjoy discovering your new lunar accessory and learning a bit more about how the collection came to be.


Waning Crescent Moon Raven Skull Necklace

mini raven skull charm with lunar crescent moon witchy jewelry necklace

This unique lunar bird skull necklace is the perfect witchy accessory if you are looking for a one of a kind necklace to celebrate bone jewelry, lunar phases, oddities, the occult, witchcraft, alchemy, alternative fashion and goth style. The little mini 1.5” resin raven skull is hung from a perfectly black enamel painted crescent moon charm. In creating this necklace I wanted to use my top selling mini size raven skull to maintain my style of making resin faux bone jewelry, but then incorporate in a lunar element that celebrates the waning moon phase. The waning moon phase is visually my favorite phase so I had been on the search for materials to create this look for years.

The raven skull pendants I create are cast in durable urethane resin from a real raven skull and then shrunk down to a small size (the original skull was 3.5" before it was shrunk down to this 1.5" size). All of the same fine detail and proportions are captured in the mini version of this beautiful raven skull so they look exactly like the real thing. All Raven Ranch Studio skulls are single artist created handmade resin casts (not 3D printed or mass produced) by me. Each skull is cast using a silicone mold and resin medium, then lightly sanded and hand painted to get an aged finish look. A small eye-pin screw has been drilled into the top of the skull so it can be hung from a black enamel plated crescent moon charm dangling from an 18" black enamel plated chain with lobster claw clasp. I think this necklace is the perfect lunar phase necklace for anyone with a unique style, witchy or celestial goddess vibes. It’s my personal favorite piece in the new moon phase collection. See it here: Crescent Moon Raven Skull Necklace.


Waning Crescent Moon Raven Skull Earrings

bon jewelry gothic statement earrings featuring raven skull and crescent moon phase charms

What’s next in the new moon phase collection?!…. Matching earrings to the crescent moon raven skull necklace, of course! For these earrings a small eye-pin screw has been drilled into the top of the skulls so they can be hung from the black enamel plated crescent moon charms, just like the necklace. But instead of the necklace chain, they dangle from hypoallergenic black enamel plated ear wires. I love these earrings and think they look stunning paired with the necklace! Because the earrings paired with the necklace looks so fabulous and I am so excited about this design, I decided to offer the necklace and earrings as a 3-piece set at a limited time reduced price. Take a look at the earrings and the 3-piece set here.


Meteorite Crescent Moon Necklace

celestial space alien jewelry meteorite and crescent moon science jewelry necklace pendant

I have had an obsession with rocks, minerals, crystals and meteorites for as far back as I can remember. Since the start of Raven Ranch Studio I have always daydreamed about the possibilities and ways to incorporate them into my jewelry with resin bird skulls, but never moved forward with the idea. I've been motivated lately to expand my shop and get really creative with things, so it is an exciting time for sure. I have some other special jewelry projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with in the near future. Plus, I am thinking about adding on to the moon phase collection in a second release with all new designs. Meteorite earrings are in the works already!

This unique one of a kind crescent moon meteorite necklace features a chunk of genuine space rock that is between 4,000 - 5,000 years old. The meteorite specimen was collected at the Campo del Cielo crater field in Argentina. Campo del Cielo is a class IAB iron meteorite, comprised of about 93% iron and 6.7% nickel, plus a small amount of other trace elements. Only about 5% of meteorites are iron, which makes the Campo del Cielo fragments special and highly collectable. The meteorite fragment charm is hung from a beautiful black enameled crescent moon. This lunar space necklace has the ultimate cool factor and you won't find this design anywhere else. Take a look at the meteorite crescent moon necklace here.


Lunar Phase Moon Phase Raven Skull Necklace

vertical moon phase bar charm raven skull necklace pendant for goths and witches

The inspiration for this design goes way back. A friend of mine in school painted a diagram showing the phases of the moon for me and I had it hung on my wall for years. Every time since then when I see posters, clothing or jewelry displaying all of the moon phases in a line diagram, I am drawn to it. The black moon phase bar pendant was something that I have wanted to use in my jewelry designs for so long, but I just didn’t have a vision… until recently. This unique moon phase lunar skull necklace features a 1.5" resin cast bird skull hung from a black moon phase bar pendant. I love the long sleek vertical look of it and the way it hangs down the chest. It’s got a vibe, a mood, a special beauty. Take a look at the moon phase raven skull necklace here

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my art and inspiration!

Just like each moon phase is said to represent and bring into play a different energy, the raven skull moon phase jewelry collection pieces are each created with different aspects of the cosmos represented, giving the wearer a different energy and intriguing lunar aesthetic depending on the piece. Created for all you moon loving mavens out there, these new one-of-a-kind lunar and resin bird skull creations are unique and full of mystical and magical vibes.