Crescent moon charm pendant and bone jewelry mini resin raven skull dangle pendant by a handmade artist making resin bird skulls.
Close up of Crescent moon charm pendant and bone jewelry mini resin raven skull dangle pendant with a black chain.
Raven Ranch Studio bird skull jewelry size chart showing small medium and large raven skull necklaces and goth bone jewelry.
petite goth charm jewelry featuring bird skull replica raven bone and a black crescent moon lunar pendant necklace.
Raven Ranch Studio branded gift boxes that hold raven skull necklaces, bone jewelry, viking pendants and bird skull jewelry.

Raven Ranch Studio

Crescent Moon Necklace with Super Mini Raven Skull

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This unique lunar bird skull necklace is the perfect witchy accessory if you are looking for a one of a kind necklace to celebrate bone jewelry, lunar phases, oddities, the occult, witchcraft, alchemy, alternative fashion and goth style. The little mini 1.5” resin raven skull is hung from a perfectly black enamel painted crescent moon charm. In creating this necklace I wanted to use my top selling mini size raven skull to maintain my style of making resin faux bone jewelry, but then incorporate in a lunar element that celebrates the waning moon phase. The waning moon phase is visually my favorite phase so I had been on the search for materials to create this look for years.

The raven skull pendant is cast in durable urethane resin from a real raven skull and then shrunk down to a small size (the original skull was 3.5" before it was shrunk down to this 1.5" size). All of the same fine detail and proportions are captured in the mini version of this beautiful raven skull so they look exactly like the real thing. All Raven Ranch Studio skulls are single artist created handmade resin casts (not 3D printed or mass produced) by me. Each skull is cast using a silicone mold and resin medium, then lightly sanded and hand painted to get an aged finish look. A small eye-pin screw has been drilled into the top of the skull so it can be hung from a black enamel plated crescent moon charm dangling from an 20" black enamel plated chain with lobster claw clasp. This gorgeous lunar phase necklace is perfect for anyone with a unique style, witchy or celestial goddess vibes.

Shipped in a jewelry gift box, ready for gift giving.

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Super fast shipping, thank you!


My partner LOVED it. Thanks so much!!!


Very beautiful, witchy and pagan.


Beautiful piece. Quick turn around time. Worth every penny.


Gorgeous, high quality piece. Absolutely wearable art, I love it.