Halloween Costume Ideas with a raven skull necklace by raven ranch studio

The Best Halloween Costumes To Show Off Your Bird Skull Jewelry

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For all of the jewelry lovers out there, Halloween is one of the best times to show off your favorite creepy accessories. After hours of hard work putting together a Halloween costume, one of the most satisfying feelings is when it all comes together with the perfect accessories and jewelry pieces to really make heads turn.

I have so much fun as an artist making dark and creepy bird skull jewelry for year-round wear… but things really get fun when customers come to me with their costume ideas for special events, photoshoots, cosplay, LARP and Halloween. I’ve worked with so many creative people over the years with their visions and ideas for some of the most stunning and jaw dropping Halloween and costume party outfits incorporating raven skull accessories.

When I decided to write about some of the top Halloween costume ideas I have seen that so creatively feature my handmade raven skull necklaces and bird skull pendants, I started by sifting through hundreds of fantastic photos emailed to me by awesome customers, posted to Facebook, shared on Instagram and uploaded along with 5-star reviews on my Etsy shop page over the past decade that I have been doing skull resin casting and designing jewelry. There were so many good ones, it was hard to decide on which skillfully crafted costumes to feature. There were quite a few vampires, witch costumes, raven queens, Viking gods, Norse pagans and evil queens. Some use their raven skull necklaces as third eye forehead jewelry, hang them from medicine bags or attach them to healing staffs and spell casting wands. Raven skull walking sticks are frequently crafted for all sorts of fantasy themed costumes, so often that I have a whole folder dedicated to those fantastic photos. I can only imagine some of the incredible things my resin castings of bird skulls have been used for that I don’t even know about… I wish I could see pictures of everything created and each happy customer proudly wearing their jewelry! Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to share pictures with me, I am deeply grateful and it motivates me to keep creating my resin skull art. Here are four of the best Halloween costume ideas if you want to incorporate a raven skull necklace into your spooky night of trick or treating or haunted Halloween costume party.


Plague Doctor

The plague doctor costume is by far the most often mentioned to me when someone is buying a necklace for a Halloween or Ren Faire costume. This one is a head turner! It’s such a creepy look and the long beak mask is like nothing some have ever seen. Definitely one that will spook the little kids, so beware. The plague doctor costume is always a huge hit at any Halloween party. I would recommend the larger life size 3.5” raven skull necklace for this costume to make a bold statement and be sure it stands out for the ultimate creepy and dark scare factor.


Halloween Plague Doctor Costume Raven Skull Necklace Plague Doctor Costume Halloween Bird Skull Necklace
Halloween Costume Plague Doctor Bird Skull Jewelry Plague Doctor Costume Steampunk


Wednesday Addams

One of the easier costume ideas on the list. This one wouldn’t traditionally have to include a raven skull necklace accessory necessarily… but why wouldn’t you want to stand out and be different from any of the other Wednesday Adams that might show up at the same party? Am I right?! Add the 2.75” smaller raven skull necklace for a more subtle creepy accent. I think Wednesday would approve. This is a great last minute costume idea because you can easily find items around the house to use and it is super cute.


Halloween Wednesday Addams Costume Raven Ranch Studio Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Raven Skull Necklace
Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Bird Skull Necklace



Maleficent Mistress of Evil

I love, love, love this gorgeous dark costume idea! I have made custom skull collections for a few people in the last couple years who were putting together mistress of evil costumes. This costume might not be for everyone as it sounds like a fairly large and time consuming project to sew or glue on each skull to the dress and headpiece… but if you are brave enough to take this project on… OMG… the results are jaw dropping!! I always offer discounted pricing for large bulk skull orders, so this beautiful Maleficent costume can be done without going broke. The 2.75” skulls are perfect for the dress and can be made with or without holes drilled into them depending on if you want to sew them on or glue them. A larger 3.5” life size raven skull pendant is perfect for the horn headpiece.

Maleficent Mistress of Evil Halloween Costume Bird Skulls Maleficent Mistress of Evil Skull Costume Raven Skull Necklace


Druid Shaman

Druids live in harmony with the wild and are nature worshipers. A great druid shaman Halloween costume should focus on clothing and accessories that reinforce that theme. Cloaks, tunics, hooded robes, hides and furs are the simple and modest basics. No matter the basic clothing chosen for this costume though, the key for a great druid costume is in the accessories. Pouches and bags along with feathers and bones are a must. You can really get creative with a raven skull necklace with this versatile costume. Raven skulls can be sewn on belts or dangle from medicine pouches, hung from walking sticks or worn around the neck. A 2.75” brooch pin would be perfect for attaching to a healer pouch or bag or wearing on belts or using as part of a skull headdress. The larger 3.5” raven skull necklace would look perfect around the neck with some feathers added. The creative possibilities are endless with this super fun costume.


Raven Skull Shaman Halloween Druid Costume Dark Witch Raven Skull Necklace Druid Shaman Halloween Costume Norse Pagan Raven Skull Necklace
LARP Druid Shaman Halloween Costume Norse Pagan Bone Skull Necklace Druid shaman headdress horn skull animal bones costume


I hope that reading this has given you some inspiration for your next halloween costume. Raven skull necklaces are the perfect accessory for Halloween. Even if you just decide to wear your Raven Ranch Studio resin bird skull necklace on Halloween without dressing up as anything, you will get a lot of looks and questions from people thinking it is an actual real bone skull. The necklace alone is sure to make enough of a distraction that they will forget you aren’t wearing a costume. ;-)  Fully dressed up in costume or none, be sure to have fun wearing your raven skull necklace this Halloween.


Photo / model credits: Anathema Steele / Gondek, Daedra / Katarzyna Mikołajczak photography, @theparttimeplaguedoctor, Laurielf Créations, wanderreckless / Cori Rose