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Bird skull jewelry that is ethical and made to last can be difficult to find. Not anymore.

Created in 2008 by Ada Ashley, Raven Ranch Studio began after a frustrating realization: bird skull jewelry and other types of beautiful bone jewelry created with ethically and responsibly sourced bird skulls, were impossible to find. To be confident that no animals were hurt for the sake of art or fashion... ultra-detailed resin replicas turned out to be the answer!

Raven Ranch Studio values quality craftsmanship and high-quality results. With a touch of undeniable perfectionism, our bird skull pieces simply cannot be matched. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and because of this, we’ll work endlessly to provide you with beautiful jewelry and prompt delivery.

Raven skull necklaces and crow skull necklaces in a pile of bird skull jewelry
Raven skull necklaces and crow skull necklaces in a row of bird skull jewelry sitting at the edge of a shelf


Meticulously handcrafted, ultra-realistic and durable resin bird skull jewelry that looks amazing.

100% Handmade. Designed and hand crafted in Mound, MN, USA.

Raven Ranch Studio skulls are single artist created handmade resin casts, not 3D printed or mass produced. Each skull is cast using a silicone mold and resin medium, then lightly sanded and hand painted to achieve an ultra-realistic look. Meticulously handcrafted jewelry that looks amazing and is durable. The intricate detail and quality craftsmanship that you would expect from fine art jewelry is guaranteed in every single piece.


"Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else."

Ada, the artist behind Raven Ranch Studio, was born and raised in Minnesota and is passionate about nature, the outdoors, natural history, music, art and birds of all kinds. Ada creates durable bird skull necklaces, earrings, and other animal skull themed accessories that radiate with individuality, rustic beauty, gothic and witchy aesthetic.

Ada has been creating and selling her resin casting art and jewelry designs since 2008. With an eye for fine detail she can be a huge perfectionist in her craft, so you can be assured you will always be getting high quality work from Raven Ranch Studio.  Ada takes great pride in her high-quality craftsmanship and uses intricate precision and superb attention to detail to create stunningly realistic replica bird skulls that look identical to real bone skulls.

Ada's resin skull jewelry work has been featured in various online publications, print magazines, music videos, films and an HBO television series. She is always on the hunt for the next exciting collaboration project or fun opportunity to work with creatives, photographers, costume designers or local galleries.

You can reach Ada by sending over an email to

The artist of Raven Ranch a gothic girl with tattoos wearing raven skull necklace bird skull jewelry
Goth model with tattoos wearing a lunar crescent moon raven skull necklace

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Discover unique handmade artisan jewelry that perfectly complements any season, outfit, and occasion. Raven Ranch Studio handmade resin bird skull necklaces, small animal skull jewelry and goth gifts are all made with stunning detail, look ultra-realistic and are ready to ship.