Raven Ranch Studio offers a large variety of resin skull jewelry, accessories and decor. Each item page's product description contains information dimensions and also chain/cord lengths, but we thought it would be helpful to have a page dedicated to the two most frequently asked about topics: chain & cord lengths and raven skull sizes.

Chain & Cord Lengths

All necklaces come with an 18" standard length chain or cord. We are more than happy to customize the length for you, free of charge. Please just reach out prior to ordering or within 1-hour after ordering at info@ravenranchstudio.com


Raven Skull Sizes

All Raven Ranch Studio raven skull replicas are cast of durable urethane resin from a real 3.5 inch raven skull. We offer jewelry made with the full size resin raven skull or there are two shrunken down options, a 2.75 inch and a super mini 1.5 inch size. All of the same fine detail and proportions are captured in the mini versions of these beautiful raven skulls.