Large life size resin raven skull necklace pendant bone jewelry and a mini raven animal skull that are sold as a set.
Raven Skull Duo Necklace Set (Save 10%)
View of the mini resin raven skull necklace pendant bone jewelry that comes with the Duo set.
View of the full size extra large resin raven skull necklace pendant bone jewelry that comes with the Duo set.
Raven Ranch Studio bird skull jewelry size chart showing small medium and large raven skull necklaces and goth bone jewelry.
Raven Ranch Studio branded gift boxes that hold raven skull necklaces, bone jewelry, viking pendants and bird skull jewelry.

Raven Ranch Studio

Raven Skull Duo Necklace Set (Save 10%)

Sale price$62.08

Save 10% deal! Raven Skull Necklace Set. Perfect gift for that unique person in your life... or just for yourself! Gift one to a friend and save one for yourself. Bone Jewelry is hot right now, but real bone is delicate and fragile and will break easily when worn. Try a resin cast bone replica... they look identical to real bone and are extremely durable if you are prone to breaking things easily. All of the fine details of a real skull are captured in the bone clone casting. *This skull necklace gift set is in stock and ready to ship from Minnesota in 1-3 days!

By purchasing this raven skull duo of necklaces, you save 10% ($6.90)!!!

The duo includes:
One 3.5" Raven Skull (original life size) with black Suede cord
One 2.75" Mini Raven Skull with black chain

Both necklaces are cast in durable urethane resin from a real raven skull.

The mini raven skull in this set is cast from the original size necklace also included in this set and then shrunk down to a smaller size (the original skull was 3.5" before it was shrunk down to the 2.75" size). All of the same fine detail and proportions are captured in the mini version of this beautiful raven skull. Both necklaces look just like the real thing. These are hand made, lightly sanded, and painted to get an aged finish look. This skull replicas also have a hand painted black beak. Shipped in a jewelry gift box, ready for gift giving.

Customer Reviews

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Raven skull necklace

The quality is amazing! I'm super happy with the purchase and will definitely be buying from here again. The shipping was also very quick.


I used the small one as a necklace and large one as a headpiece for my witch doctor Halloween costume. It complimented the look I was going for perfectly. Excellent quality. I accidentally dropped one and expected it to break, wondering what I was going to do last minute. Surprisingly, it held up. I was happily relieved and received tons of compliments on them.


This is perfect! I am so glad I bought the duo for my boyfriends birthday! One for him and one for me. Searched for raven skull necklace for my boyfriend they all seemed girly and not at all for a big bearded man. Well found these and the larger one is perfect! Highly detailed, large enough that it's a statement piece, but small enough that it won't get in the way. He is going to love it!!! It's too bad that his birthday isn't until June 5th so I have to keep quiet until then so no Facebook photos until then. But once he gets it, I'll be tagging raven ranch studio for sure in a few pictures!


They are perfect for us!


These are fantastic, as i imagined they would be. Thanks!